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Metal random packing

  • Metal Cascade Rings Stainless Steel CMR Rings
  • Metal Cascade Rings Stainless Steel CMR Rings
Metal Cascade Rings Stainless Steel CMR RingsMetal Cascade Rings Stainless Steel CMR Rings

Metal Cascade Rings Stainless Steel CMR Rings

  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Size:25mm 38mm 50mm 76mm
  • Type:Metal random packing
  • Bulk density:385-459kg/m3
  • Product description: Metal cascade ring(CMR)

The cascade ring is a new type of open-hole packing developed by the British mass transfer company. The height of the cascade ring (CMR) is about half of the diameter, with a tapered flange on one side, a window hole in the ring wall, and curved blades extending toward the center of the ring.
Due to the reduced height and the special structure of tapered flanging, not only the gas-liquid distribution in the packing layer is improved, but also the gas-liquid contact point is increased, which is conducive to liquid aggregation and continuous updating of the membrane surface, which enhances the mass transfer Compared with Bauer ring packing, the flux of step ring packing can be increased by 10-20%, and the pressure can be reduced by 30-40%. The separation efficiency can be improved to different degrees depending on the specific process.
The cascade ring has the characteristics of thin wall, heat resistance, large gap, large flux, small resistance, etc. It is especially suitable for vacuum rectification towers, handling materials that are heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easy to polymerize, and easy to form carbon.
Common size:



Surface area


Free volume


Bulk numbers


Bulk density


Dry packing factor


1" 220 96.5 97,160 459 273.54
1.5" 154.3 95.9 31,800 433 185.8
2" 109.2 96.1 12,300 323.9 127.4
3" 73.5 97.6 3,540 385 81
1.Reduce pressure drop: The metal cascade ring has a large gap and a large flux on the path of the gas-liquid flow, which can effectively reduce the pressure drop.
2.Increase the capacity of the reaction tower: The increase in the capacity of the reaction tower is the direct cause of the decrease in pressure drop. The metal cascade ring keeps the reaction contact away from the pressure drop contact with overflow, which means that more gas and liquid can be processed and the capacity of the reaction tower is increased.
3.Enhanced anti-fouling capability: the pointed position of the metal cascade ring makes the gap in the direction of gas-liquid flow reach the maximum value, so any solid scale can pass through the packing layer along with the gas-liquid flow.
4.Improve reaction efficiency: The metal cascade ring guarantees that its ring surface is vertical instead of parallel to the maximum extent. This design is more prominent in mass transfer. Because the reaction efficiency depends on the size of the contact surface. The design of the parallel faces keeps the inner side of the ring out of contact with liquid, thus forming a dry face. Dry surface has almost no effect in mass transfer, but the vertical design of the metal step ring greatly reduces the possibility of dry surface, thereby effectively improving efficiency.
Widely used in packing towers in petroleum, chemical, chlor-alkali, coal gas, environmental protection and other industries.


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