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Molecular sieve

  • PSA Oxygen generator molecular sieve 13X-HP
  • PSA Oxygen generator molecular sieve 13X-HP
PSA Oxygen generator molecular sieve 13X-HPPSA Oxygen generator molecular sieve 13X-HP

PSA Oxygen generator molecular sieve 13X-HP

  • MF: Na2O . Al2O3 . 2.45SiO . 2.6H2O
  • AS No.: 63231-69-6
  • Shape: Sphere
  • Color: Light gray
  • Product description: Molecular sieve for PSA oxygen generator

Oxygen molecular sieves 13X-HP is mainly used in PSA oxygen generators. It has the advantages of high oxygen production purity, high oxygen production yield, fast adsorption rate and long service life. It is the best alternative product for 5A (CaA) oxygen production molecular sieve.
Common size:

Item Molecular sieve 13X-HP
Application PSA Medical / Industrial Oxygen Generator
Diameter (mm)
Static CO2 Absorption (%)
Static Water Absorption (%)
N2 Absorption 760mmHg (ml/g)
N2, O2 Separation Ratio (α)
Bulk Density (g/ml)
Crushing Strength (N)

Wear Ratio (%)
O2 Purity (%)
Pressure (kg)
Loss on Ignition (%)
25kg or 125kg/drum
1.Molecular sieve adsorption is a physical process that does not produce chemical changes. The adsorption process is reversible, called resolution or regeneration.
2.The zeolite molecular sieve has strong polarity in the crystal cavity, which reflects the adsorption selectivity of zeolite molecular sieve.
3.The size of the zeolite molecular sieve can be changed by ion exchange, thereby changing its performance and achieving the purpose of shape selective adsorption and separation of mixtures.
4.The surface of most zeolite molecular sieves has a strong acid center, and at the same time, a strong Coulomb field in the pores has a polarizing effect. These characteristics make it an excellent catalyst.
1.Dehydration,using the polar hydrophilicity of zeolite molecular sieves with low silicon to aluminum ratio, air and ethanol can be dried.
2.Purify pollutants in the air, H2S, SO2, NOX and formaldehyde.
3.Separation of N2 / O2. In the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) method, zeolite molecular sieves use the difference in equilibrium adsorption of two gases N2 / O2 on its surface to selectively adsorb N2.
4.Adsorption separation method to separate mixed xylene.
5.Increase gasoline octane.


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