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Plastic random packing

  • Plastic Inner Arc Ring VSP Mellar Ring
  • Plastic Inner Arc Ring VSP Mellar Ring
Plastic Inner Arc Ring VSP Mellar RingPlastic Inner Arc Ring VSP Mellar Ring

Plastic Inner Arc Ring VSP Mellar Ring

  • Size: 25mm,38mm,50mm,90mm
  • Type:Plastic random packing
  • Bulk density:30-60kg/m3
  • Product description: VSP ring also named Mella ring

The plastic VSP ring have large void rate, low pressure drop and low height of mass transfer unit, high extensive point, full contact of gas and liquid, low specific weight and high mass transfer efficiency. It is widely used in the packing towers, petroleum industry, chemical industry, alkali-Chloride industry, coal gas industry and environmental protection and etc.
VSP plastic Inner Arc packing: VSP ring also named Mella ring, VSP ring means very special packing in foreign country meaning very excellent packing. It has many advantages such as low pressure drop, large throughout, high efficiency, high operating elasticity, perfect strength.
VSP Ring has rational symmetry, excellent inner structure and large free space. Compared with Pall ring, its flux effiency is increase 15-30%, its pressure drop is reduce 20-30%. it is recognized the excellent random packing in tower packing.
Common size:



Surface area


Free volume


Bulk density


Bulk density


93 55,000 60
138 94 16,000 58
121 95 5,500 45
40 97 1,100 30
1.High void ratio, low pressure drop.
2.Low mass-transfer unit height, high flooding point.
3.Uniform gas-liquid contact, small specific gravity.
4.High efficiency of mass transfer.
These various plastic tower packing are widely used in petroleum and chemical, alkali chloride, gas and environmental protection industries with max. temperature of 280°.


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